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How offering Fantasy Sports Can help your Business
  • Increase location traffic
  • Attract new customers and younger client base
  • Increase $$ spent per person
  • Build your player loyalty through friendly competition‚Äč

K and K Technologies has partnered with Fantasy Sports Gaming Network to provide your very own custom private fantasy sports contest. We will provide all software and services required to operate, maintain and support your private online pay-to-play or promotional fantasy sports contest. We will provide a custom landing page with your branding, payment processing and electronic payouts, dedicated site hosting and customer service, and comprehensive time-specifiable reports accessible to you 24/7.  What are you waiting on? Contact us below and request an online demo.

What is Fantasy Sports?
  • Fantasy Sports is a game of skill
  • Fans create a team of players at key positions.
  • Fans score fantasy points based on the performance of their players.
  • Fans with the most fantasy points win cash prizes.
How are these games Legal?
  • Designated as a game of skill by the U.S. Federal Government.
  • Residents of U.S. States including Arizona, Iowa, Montanta, Washington and Kansas are limited or prohibited from playing Fantasy Sports.
  • Prizes Must Be Established in advance.
  • Winning outcomes determined by statistics.
How to profit from Fantasy Sports
  • Leverage your existing players club
  • Offer FREE promotional games at your location
  • Offer Free promotional games online
  • Offer Pay-To-Play Fantasy contests online and 100% legally.

What is Fantasy Sports Gaming Network?